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MavenHive Technologies Pvt Ltd


MavenHive is a Bangalore based tech consulting firm specializing in end-to-end product development and training.

Who are we?

Over the last 5 years, we have helped several startups and organizations from across the world realize their product vision and achieve major milestones in their journey. We have built a team of talented people from diverse backgrounds who have come together to offer their experience and skills to deliver high quality solutions for our clients.

What can we do for you?

We deliver highly scalable web applications, systems integrations, product MVPs and APIs to product companies that love working lean & going fast.

Why work with us?

We hit the sweet spot where the 3 overlapping, yet conflicting concerns - business objectives, technology & the process - are balanced to ensure high quality, consistent and fast software delivery.

Our Team
Bhavin Javia

Bhavin Javia


Anandha Krishnan

Anandha Krishnan





Scope of Engagement - New product line, building key product capabilities, new features built from scratch, first version of the product line.

Kind of startups that should work with MavenHive - Anyone having trouble scaling product features, any product startup looking to scale but does not have resources internally.

The reason we'd recommend Mavenhive is that they actually get it. A lot of contractors don't. We could go to them with a half-baked wire frame and our code base all over the place and they would get back with a plan, a timeline and a workflow for us. They understand the full product development cycle. They just get it and that's why we love to work with them and will work with them in future.

Feb to Apr 2015 Ashwin Ramesh

Founder & CEO, Synup



Scope of Engagement - Product development, architecture changes

Kind of startups that should work with MavenHive - As soon as the MVP is built, MavenHive could come in to improve the quality and ensure that good engineering practices are adhered to.

I understand the value of MavenHive’s work, as I am a practitioner of some of the values that they adhere to. They do a great job of ensuring that there is continuous integration and deployment. Another practice that they comply with is test-driven development which is not exactly followed by all vendors. There is no compromise on getting a good solution in place. They also understand the challenges faced by a product and are flexible to accommodate any changes needed at any point of time.

July 2015 - July 2016, Dec - 2016 to Present Nilakanta Mallick

CTO, Scripbox

Zinc Learning Labs

Zinc Learning Labs

Scope of Engagement - Product architecture, new product features, back-end and front-end development.

Kind of startups that should work with MavenHive - Any startup that lacks resources and time to hire a highly talented team to lead the architecture and design of the product should hire MavenHive.

MavenHive team consists of highly talented people. What we liked most about them was they were very adaptive. At one time, we had a huge requirement which needed them to expand their team. Within no time, they hired and trained a 7 member team, which worked with us through the project. They adhere to high standards of development. Looking back we feel we made a very good decision.

Jan 2016 to Present Karthik Chandrasekariah

Chief Technology Officer, Zinc Learning Labs

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