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Raised seed round from a prolific angel investor based out of Delhi.




Catered to 5000 individual customers




Team Summary


    • Govardhan Reddy

Product/Service Summary

Our product has 2 verticals – a consumer-side services marketplace aimed at giving a consumer
power of choice and credible information to choose his service provider; and A CRM platform (SaaS)
to keep service providers in the loop. The platform works on a freemium model and unlocks a range
of customer engagement possibilities for vendors. The after-sales service market is segmented into 3
categories – OEMs, OESs and local market. Such segmentation and various service providers leave
the consumers in a confusion to choose the best option. Our aim is to provide a 360-degree solution catering to both stakeholders of the industry. Technological advances are enabling a lot of
innovation in the automobile industry, and the connected car experience is not far from being in the mainstream Indian market. To cater to the same, we have created an OBD-based cloud infrastructure which is generic in nature and can be used for infotainment, navigation, tracking, and vehicular health purposes.

How are we different?

What makes us different from our competitors is that we have an asset light model as compared to a full-stack model which is unproven in India. ServX has vendors from across segments under its
umbrella, rather than just one. Our solution includes a ring fence in terms of a SaaS platform for
vendors, which they use for consumer outreach and advertising. We also have a telematics based
cloud infrastructure in the office, which will not only open newer avenues for customers but also
help us in customer retention. ServX aims at becoming a one stop shop for every automobile
service/issue, and solves automotive issues with additional convenience to the user.

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