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Perfect place to know everything about any Hindi word and guess what you can contribute too!

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Team Summary

We are a team of five people. We discuss and ideate everything we come across on the web or in social media. We mutually try to come up with different and efficient solutions. We work in sync round the clock, we are friends, and we understand each other's weakness and strength. We fully support and back each other.


Product/Service Summary

Shabdvriksh is an online Hindi to Hindi and Hindi to English dictionary which aims to provide all the data (illustration, synonym, antonym, example, translation, history, origin, usage) of every Hindi word collectively at one place. Users registered on the website will be able to contribute to the website (edit a word details).

How are we different?

We are not just here for ourselves, we are here for our consumers. We will build this service for our consumers and together with our consumers we will make it better for the whole community. We will continue to grow, become better in every aspect. We will be the benchmark. We are the change you want to see.

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