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First B2B in heliciculture in India, aim to be a conglomerate of snail related products for pharma,poultry,fertilizer and human consumption.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Sharing room and experiences,the founders found themselves immensely passionate about making something out of the box,most preferably on the roads less taken.This shared interest very soon resulted in a mutual business understanding among themselves,and hence gave the birth to the first venture from their professional partnership,which undoubtly is one amongst the many more to come.


Founding Team

Team Members

Ashwin Agarwal

Ashwin Agarwal


Product/Service Summary

We strive to outsource snail slime filtrate and snail meat to the matured European market and local poultry industry at initial operations respectively.After scaling up operations at least to the regional market leadership,we will involve in research and development for the snail meat and slime based Indian oriented FMCG products, thus, constantly expanding vertical growth across segments and virtually enter into B2C horizontal,based on our B2B supply chains.

Product/Service Descriptions