Shirsa Labs Pvt Ltd

  • Mumbai, India
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A personalized content driven edutainment-platform for engagement learning in k-8 kids. 105,000+ kids on the platform today.

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Team Summary

1. Sukhada Tendulkar, CWA + MBA (Mum) + 6 years work ex
2. Mandar Desai, BE (Mum)+ MBA (Boston US) + 8 years of product, technology & digital
3. Kunal Ambasht, BE + MBA (Education Management BU) + 5 years of education exp


    • Kunal Ambasht

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

We offer a customized and blended learning (Digital games + Physical Toys) for children based on their age and cognitive profile. We accelerate learning in K-8 segment outside school through personalized education.
Product - Adaptive and personalized gamified platform, and a store to purchase educational toys, puzzles, activity books, craft etc

How are we different?

First mover in child-driven hybrid (digital + offline) edutainment space.
Personalization and gamified learning at its core.
Smartphone first approach and focus on games our offerings that are targeted at masses.
Pedagogy based on studies of renowned psychologists.
Research institutions and the committee endorsing Shirsa’s products.

Product/Service Descriptions