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Virtual Fitting and Recommendation for Shoes online

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Team Summary

Shantanu is an expert in Digital Systems and Computer Vision. A graduate from IIT Guahati, has worked with industry leaders - Samsung, Candance.Pranav is an expert in 3D Imaging, Machine Learning and has worked with - SlideShare, Oxylabs, LinkedIn.
Together, we've been running our startup Solidry, offering 3DPrinted consumer gifts for an year.


    • Pranav Prakash

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

Our app shows shoppers how a shoe will fit and recommends the best fitting shoe. You can 3D scan your own foot by taking a short video from mobile. Our A.I. compares your foot's shape & size to available online shoes and helps you find the most comforting shoe. Sellers can reduce their cost of product returns, stockings, user retention costs.

How are we different?

We provide an end to end product for finding shoes that match. It can reconstruct feet's 3D Model in near real time. On the other end, it can recreate shoe's 3d model using existing photographs. The shoe's model is perfected by an AI & generates a comfort index map of the shoe. This tells you the points where the shoe is tight or loose.

Product/Service Descriptions