Shulin Automation Pvt. Ltd.

  • Travel & TourismHospitality, Real Estate, Augmented Reality, E-commerce

We want to change the way consumers see the things on internet. Aim to 3dify the digital space.

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Team Summary

All are IIT Kharagpur Graduates. Tech Head is a Phd with 8 years of experience in 3D reconstruction, have published 5 international papers on this technology. Business guy is a 2nd time entrepreneur, had an exit a year back, Ops head is also a 2nd time entrepreneur. IT & Finance guy won several international coding competitions.


Founding Team

Product/Service Summary

We provide 3D virtual and augmented reality solutions to ecom, real estate, Hospitality. The world is 3D and our products aims to 3dify the digital space . 3D interactive cataloging, 3D product mixing and matching for ecom, Virtual walk throughs, virtual interior decoration for Real estate and Hospitality.

Product/Service Descriptions