Shulin Automation

  • Delhi, India
  • Services, Retail, Storage, Internet, E-commerce

From Pins to Pens to Palaces we model everything. We own unique technology to 3Dfy web-catalogs.

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Team Summary

Our team consists of young technocrats from IIT KGP and hold a collective industry experience of 20+ years in Computer Vision, 3D Modelling, Animation and Business Management.

Sumandeep Banerjee (Btech/Mtech/Phd in Computer vision @ IIT KGP)
Uttam Kumar (Btech/Mtech @ IIT KGP)
Rajiv Kumar (Int MSc @ IIT KGP)
Amit Shekhar (Btech/Mtech @ IIT KGP)


Product/Service Summary

We are a company providing 3D virtual reality solutions for E-Commerce websites so that they can engage their customers in a truly immersive shopping experience as opposed to just posting images or videos of the products. We have developed cutting edge technology which is capable of creating high quality, detailed models of physical objects.

How are we different?

Shulin has a technology team with 8+ years of direct experience in research and product development in 3D Reconstruction Technology. We not only have a cutting edge technology but also a accelerating pace of development. Strongly backed by our R&D and IT team our operation team can deliver miracles as far as 3D visualization is concerned.

Product/Service Descriptions