• Chennai, India
  • Social Network, Consumer Internet

SkillCookie is a socialnetwork where college students can collaborate with eachother based on skills

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Team Summary

I'm a single founder and we have a PHP developer and a designer in the team. This is my second startup and I bring in the experience and learnings from my first startup. And motivation for SkillCookie came when I felt the problem myself.


    • Shiva Chaithanya

    • Developer

    • Part time

    • Himanshu Kumar

    • Designer

    • Part time

Product/Service Summary

Companies target college students based on skills to offer internships/jobs. College students search for fellow students based on skills to collaborate on projects or pursue interests. Right now this process of finding a person with a specific skillset inside college happens through word of mouth. This method is NOT effective and time consuming.

How are we different?

There are a handful of competitors ( Elance, Freelancer, Facebook,, Linkedin, Youth4work and ) But i) In no website can you search through VALIDATED PORTFOLIOS of students to find the perfect fit. ii) In no website can you target advertisements based on VALIDATED SKILLS iii) In no website can students, network with their peers

Product/Service Descriptions