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AI-driven recruitment platform for screening remote candidates. Over 16000 assessments done so far.

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Team Summary

Ashwni worked @ Deloitte, product leadership @ Knowlarity, Zomato. His last startup Playcez raised 500K USD and acquired by Indiamart. He also founded 10Times having 1M USD revenue. Vishva worked as lead engineer @ Tuebora funded by Citrix


Founding Team

IIT Kanpur 2008. Consultant @ Deloitte. Founder @ PlayCez which got acquired by Indiamart and rebranded as 10Times which is now the largest platform for trade shows in the world. Worked at product leadership @ Knowlarity & Zomato.

Vishvadeepak Tewari


Product/Service Summary

SkillMap is AI driven recruitment automation platform capable of assessing & screening thousands of candidates in record time.

Majority of India’s jobs are available in top 3 metro cities while colleges and training institutes are spread throughout the country.

SkillMap provides level playing field opportunities for millions of fresh (0-4 years experience) job seekers using technology by eliminating distance as the major issue in screening / shortlisting right candidates by doing remote assessment and finding right opportunities for them. We also do video assessment to judge communication skills. After identifying bright candidates, we send these profiles to companies to help them in getting a job.

We want to build a marketplace for pre-assessed candidates after reaching critical mass.

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