Sky Solutions

  • Hyderabad, India
  • Communication & Technology

Sky Solutions is dedicated to providing Telecom and Technology based solutions to SME's.

Beta Launched

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Ineda Venture & Sky solution - Sponsor at TIE summitt


Team Summary

Kanika kapoor - ISB Alumni and serial entrepreneur
Kumar Sourav - Experience in Marketing & Sales with HSBC, HDFC, AIrtel etc
Abdul Rahman - Serial Entrepreneur


Product/Service Summary

As the world is launching IT company but not everybody is able to work on Go to market. We provide end to end communication (currently doing) and technology (Launching in 20014 April) for SME corporate with core focus on helping them build communication and allied infra at lowest cost with capability as LLC. We are mentored by Ineda Venture group.

How are we different?

We cater to biggest pain point of the biggest segment globally, which is service. We deliver complete end to end communication and allied technology and offer best of services as well. We do not have any direct competition as of now but their is no entry barrier, make it important for us to succeed quick. Their is demand and attractiveness of mark

Product/Service Descriptions