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We can be an Aerial Partner to your business - we survey, advertise,and protect your property.

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Skylark drones won the NASA Systems Award for developing UAVs, what are they upto? |


Young geeks to develop drones with social utility | Deccan Herald


Team Summary

M.S. Aerospace Engineering, Purdue University, Designed more than 10 Drones of various types, Interned in ISRO, NAL etc
Mrinal Pai
B,Tech R.V.College of Engineering, Designed and flown more than 6 drones.
Interned in IISc, developed Pulse Jet Engine
Founders received NASA systems award for the best systems engineering used in drones


Product/Service Summary

We build drones for social utility, Our drones are custom built for specific use cases and we operate in the following markets -
Land Surveying - ( providing orthomosaics, 3d mapping)
Advertising - ( providing aerial Ads, and custom drops)
Sports&Events - providing an aerial perspective to events/sports.
Techincal Inspection-HD thermal imagery

How are we different?

We are different because we can provide custom Aerial solution to various problems.
Unlike our competitors we build our drones for specific use cases, and can cater to any engineering requirement that a customer might require.
Be it spy drones, surveying drones or just a simple surveillance drones - We cab design, build and execute the project.

Product/Service Descriptions