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Slurp shows top rated dishes in every restaurant. Rating dishes earns points; points earn discounts


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Team Summary

Abhinandan and me graduated from SIMC-UG in 2013, and became friends at our first job where we were part of the same team. We quit that job to start Jrny, and after working together for close to 3 year, we are now working on Slurp.
Abhinandan will be relying on his past experience in writing for and creating content properties for various brands as he takes charge of marketing and communication at Slurp.
My stint at Pocketin- an early stage invested startup will help me focus on our current users, deliver a product that delivers what we promise to them and map out how users are engaging with the business.


Founding Team

Siddharth Sharma


Product/Service Summary

With Slurp, we want to turn eating out into a game with users rating, reviewing and uploading photos of dishes each time they head out in return of which users get in-app coins that can be redeemed for exclusive offers, mobile top ups, and cashbacks.

Our objective in doing so is to enable users to have a less harrowing ordering experience- Slurp will tell you what the user would like based on users previous likes and dislikes, will tell you best rated dishes wherever you go and will recommend restaurants based on the dish you are craving for.

Every time a user rates and reviews a dish, he will earn coins in form of in app currency. These coins can be redeemed at our partner outlets for exclusive offers, cash backs, mobile top ups and more.

Breaking down restaurants into dishes creates an opportunity for Slurp to become an authority in food recommendation. We want to eventually occupy the food recommendation space by serving personalized recommendations to our users.

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