Enabling Global reach for enterprise knowledge share & communication with local language richness.

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Team Summary

Seasoned team of business & technology professionals with average 15 years of experience in the enterprise content and collaboration.
Abhijit Basu, CEO - 20 years in content, communication & collaboration space. Built businesses from scratch to multi-million dollar in revenue. Led Surface capacitive touch innovation & Webex's mid-market strategy.


Product/Service Summary

SmartEx is a cloud based search-enabled enterprise video knowledge share platform powering global sales, partner & customer training , communication and other knowledge share needs.
A definitive solution enabling enterprise people performance and productivity, where communication, learning, knowledge and collaboration intersect.

How are we different?

Smartex is the only solution on the market that has the abilities:
1. Covers the entire gamut from create to commerce
2. Localize delivery of content in any language simultaneously.
3. Search video repository to the exact point of interest within video.
4. Delivering global reach, local richness, Aggregation & fast access to .knowledge.

Product/Service Descriptions