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SMEdge aims to digitize apparel manufacturers & traders sales & production information.

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Jobs - Operations Lead Operations
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Surat, India
People Management, Performance Evaluation, Operations, Ecommerce marketing, Ecommerce

Job Description
E-Commerce is a strongly operations business, covering aspects such as product cataloging, listing on various websites, fulfillment of orders, sourcing products, warehouse inward & operations, and such.
1. Document processes & systems being in the deployment at Triveni.
2. Design & implement team-wise internal KRAs & reports, to adequately monitor & ensure output performance of the team members.
3. Internal followup & discipline to ensure processes being followed.
4. Handle Operational challenges ground up – handling operations wherever required.
5. Manage various teams - including most of the operations at Triveni.
6. Handle troubleshooting & exception cases, wherever required in the system - ground up.
7. Implement discipline, HR & quality standards in the system - including the admin policy & frameworks.
8. Handle Admin issues related to the office.
9. Generate reports – daily, weekly or monthly, with respective teams, and reviw them oneself & with management.
10. Work with HR in identifying & hiring people for various roles required.
11. Participate with Sales & Marketing teams to set monthly targets & goals, and constantly come up with newer numbers to attempt to.
12. While on paper this is a 10am to 9pm or 9am to 8pm job, the nature of work will require the person to be available for any exigencies or even on Sundays 24x7.
13. The selected candidate will be joining with some more basic tasks - and must demonstrate capability & maturity through them to grow into the actual role described here.

Required Background:
1. More than 3 yrs experience in operations, managing & leading multi-disciplinary team of more than 30 people, or as a business unit head.
2. Must be self-motivated to give the think of work as one's own & give the highest quality of work. If you think you require external pressure to give the best output, please do not apply.
3. Preferably from a Process / Operations BPO / KPO / backend operationsbackground, with strong client / customer support & sales angle to the work.
4. Discipline to work & monitor process implementation strongly, even capacity to think through & document newer processes when required.
5. Structured, organized & strong documentation oriented thinking.
6. Must be self-disciplined, and must display maturity to inspire & enforce disciplined & focussed work amongst the team.
7. Must have a very strong, clear & polished English & Hindi oral & written communication.
8. Must have an undergraduate or master's background in any discipline from a reputed organization, with distinction like academic results.

What you get?
A chance to look at building or running a complete business – and manage of team of more than 50 people, complete with KRAs etc.

Product Lead Product Manager
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Surat, India
Product Management, product market fit, wireframing

Job Description
1. Someone with a top-notch understanding of Software & User experience, can take a functional software product – diagnose it to understand the use cases, and look at it critically & with fresh eyes.
2. You need to be able to take a use cases & develop it into wireframes & mockups, look at the graphic elements of it, think of the use cases, work with the development team to prioritize feature sets, and then take it potential users / clients / paying customers & dazzle them with a sharp demo!
Required Background: Atleast 1 year of software product design, perhaps experience in software development & B2B sales will be great!

Business Development Lead Sales & Marketing
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Surat, India
Sales & Business Development, Sales, Excellent communicaiton skill, Excellent negotiation skill

Job Description
1. Someone who can spend days making cold calls to potential buyers, mostly SMEs, line up product demos, dazzle them up with the demos, and close them into paying customers.
2. Requires strong experience of B2B sales & marketing, observation & capacity to understand clients & how they think.
3. Must be self-motivated & driven to maximize sales, and must come across as confident in presenting to a client.
4. Must also be able to drive a self-serve digital signup & sales, backed by telephonic sales.
5. Someone who can reach out to new business leads, convert them into clients, take the client requirement & flesh it out into a software design & plan, along with the wireframes, product plan & phasing – and then work with the development & testing team to ensure development is on time & on schedule.
Required Background: Atleast 3-4 years of direct feet on the ground sales, esp dealing with SMEs – and focussing on IT products.

Team Summary

Founder - Arvind Saraf (B.Tech Computer Science - IIT Kanpur 2001, started PhD at MIT before taking a leave of absence). Worked at Google, co-founded Swasth India. Took Triveni Sarees / Ethnics online.

Team also includes Computer Engineers from NITs.


Product/Service Summary

- B2B Catalog / Sales App, which does digital catalog sharing from manufacturers to distributors to wholesalers to retailers, and enables salespersons to show catalogs, take orders & file daily reports. Replaces physical catalog books.
- Business Dashboard, lso pulls in the data from existing manufacturing workflow tool and shows meaning reports.

How are we different?

Our team has years of expertise in building large scale softwares & tools (eg at Google), ground level organization building (eg at Swasth India, Triveni Sarees), and is familiar SME eco-system & mindset, having run one The products & solutions have emerged from personal pain points, the solutions then converted into products.

Product/Service Descriptions