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Spaceship enables carpooling through mobile app in the most easy and amazing way. #free #realtime

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Team Summary

Alap Shah: CEO, Designer
Worked at @Honeywell • Studied at @IIT Kanpur, VNIT Nagpur
Niral Desai: CPO, Designer
Worked at @Honeywell • Studied at @IIT Kanpur, @S. P. University.
Arjav Dave: CTO/ Mobile Dev
Worked @Spinlet California, Studied @University of Texas Arlington, B.Tech @S.P. University
Akash Ashok: Web Team Lead
Worked @Amazon


Product/Service Summary

Spaceship is the most amazing ride sharing app ever existed. We call it “Spaceship” because it’s literally all about that extra “Space” in your “Ship” which is a sole reason for traffic, pollution and fuel consumption. We have carefully crafted it to be part of a modern lifestyle and also let you brag about how you are doing your bit to save the wo

How are we different?

“Women Only” rides, phone number verifications, rating & reviews, vehicle number capturing as safety measures. Real-time ride tracking to calculate exact fare and also find each other’s position. Geo-fencing the route to effectively find matching rides. Cash Free Travel is made possible by integrating payment gateway. In app chat

Product/Service Descriptions