• Mumbai, India
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Sparewale- will help automobile owners to view and purchase quality spare parts for their vehicles.

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

We have a team of 3 guys with varying backgrounds in the automotive market and IT sector as well as marketing background knowledge. Ajin is a Marketing lead and who has a lot of experience in the software sales business.Canute and Rakesh have prior experience in the automotive market (cars & bikes) and are now doing IT development of the website.


Product/Service Summary

Products are for the automotive market which would include engine components to body shells for cars and bikes for starters. We will list OEM and aftermarket parts for cars and motorcycles in India.

How are we different?

We would like to try to organize this sector of spare parts where customers and workshops across India can view and buy parts listed here.Workshops face the tedious task of procuring quality spares at the right price. This is a gap we would like to close.

Product/Service Descriptions