self powered electric car

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self powered electric car will be a boon for the countries where the electric power station r spars


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Team Summary

I, Ashish mistry working as a visualizer, has the background of prod. engg. a keen observer to make the things more suitable to mankind.
Shalaka has done MCA and currently is a trainer, she also has a keen interest to do thing differently.


Founding Team

ashish mistry


shalaka mokal


Product/Service Summary

The idea behind self powered electric car is where car can produce electricity to run by itself.
The car in a whole has 3 source of energy rotational, wind & solar, so this observation electricity can be generated and stored from the wheels that rotate, the wind turbine will be fitted at below front so the movement of the car produces aerodynamic & the wind from it can be used to run the turbine to produce electricity and car will be painted with solar paint so the sunrays can be directly converted into energy.
The main battery will be fitted at the bottom which has to be charged once, the other battery will be there in the hood where the renewable energy will be stored and the power will be supplied to the induction motor (which will be the main motor).
So, the car will run for much more kms than the conventional electric cars and it vl be a boon for the countries where the electric power station are sparse.
The car will have all the modern feature for safety, driving, connectivity.

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