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We believe the fact of integration of all services & creating an unstructured sector into structured

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Mohit Dhawan - CEO - handled all the technology part like networking , app development , working of cash through app .
Sahil Arora - COO - Handled all the Finance part , management part .


Founding Team

Mohit Dhawan


Sahil Arora


Product/Service Summary

Integrating mobile payment system through one single application and enabling merchants to accept payment through any digital mode be it a Card payment or Wallet transfer or making a micro ATM
Our product itself create the system for the benefit to merchants like providing them the service of filling online return of Income as well as taking care of GST and their invoicing.
For the normal users it is a mobile wallet created with the opportunities so that they can let the mobile to handle their daily affairs. Like they can place pre-orders, know at a real time about there local shops open or closed, high security standards latest technology not being used in INDIA,
This shall be implemented and enable them to create mobile market where our application integrates merchants and consumer in such a way that a real time market can be constructed.
Merchants on the other hand shall be free from the fear of Taxation and recent GST at a minimal cost per annum.

Product/Service Descriptions