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Sports news and information portal covering 25 sports played in, for and by India. Info about sports, teams, events, players and schedules.

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Editor Operations
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Chennai, India
content writing, News Administration

Job Description
Should edit contents obtained from sources and make it suitable for our website. Should have a deep understanding in news industry. We are expecting an all-rounder who can edit/write/publish news. Since we are a start-up, a co-founder of this kind will create a win-win situation for us.

Senior Designer UI/UX Designer, Software Engineer
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Chennai, India
HTML css Javascript, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator

Job Description
Apart from the typical web designing task, have to work in image editing area to make images suitable for articles, blogs, profiles etc..

Senior Developer Software Engineer
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Chennai, India

Job Description
Should have the capability to write modules and add new functions to the existing website. Should be willing to work in a start-up company.
Willing to make you a co-founder, if your intentions are to make big by working your heart out.

Team Summary


Founding Team

Manohari Devakumar

Manohari Devakumar


Product/Service Summary

Sports news and information providing contents of 25 sports played and watched by India. Exclusive home page for each sport, event, team and player provides structural information to the visitor. Calendering events and profiles of athletes are our USP. Vision is to create a level playing field for all the sports in India.

Product/Service Descriptions