Springfinity Internet Solutions LLP

  • Kerala, India
  • Agriculture, Organic Products, Home Improvement, E-commerce

An online aggregator of plants, garden accessories, services, organic produce & consumer products

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Team Summary

a) Anand Sankar (http://linkd.in/1CGre2Z)
Digital marketing, account management. Works with a team of eco-consultants & horticulture experts.

b) Amal Roy(Co-founder) (http://linkd.in/1G2p5AW)
Sales solutions, Partnerships & Logistics.

c) Shifaz Salim (Co-founder) ( http://linkd.in/1DkRzQv)
Handles offline sales and vendor management.


Product/Service Summary

Springfinity is an organization founded by gardening enthusiasts that helps people discover the joys of the garden through simple gardening solutions like gardening startup kits.

We plan to expand to provide the following categories online : Ornamental plants, Gardening accessories & services, Organic produce & processed foods, Ayurveda OTC.

How are we different?

Springfinity helps people discover the joys of gardening, mainly through simple gardening solutions that are not space or time consuming. For example, the Springfinity startup kits help people grow exotic orchids in homes/offices with 20 minutes of care a week.

We are also the only online vendors with such a large range of orchids in India.

Product/Service Descriptions