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Team Summary

We are 2 co-founders and both of us have 12+ years of experience in large IT organizations in both delivery and consulting roles. The team consists of well educated MBA staff who understand customer's needs and are able to service them with great passion and professionalism.


Product/Service Summary

We are a professional real estate advisory and brokerage services company. This market is largely unorganized. While there are a bunch of portals to connect customers with brokers, the customer has to rely on the services of unqualified (un)professionals. Square Guzz brings knowledge backed advice and trustworthy customer service to this field.

How are we different?

A home buy is probably the costliest purchase we ever make in our life. Yet, we have to rely on uneducated brokers on the street who are not qualified to assess and suggest good properties that match customer's needs. We bring professional and trustworthy advice and peace of mind during the buy/sell process.

Product/Service Descriptions