Square Comp

  • Chennai, India
  • AR/VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality), Mobile

Join us in "Building an Indian Brand of International Standard"

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



We started our venture "Square Comp Solutions" at Chennai, TN, India.



New Product Release

We started working on our new project "Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays"




Team Summary

Srinivasan Y. started working since 2007 as soon as he completed his S.S.L.C. and never went to a college. He has been working in various sectors like Show Room Sales, Direct Sales, Service, BPO & ITES industries for about 7 Years before he could start his own venture in 2014. So he brings with him a collective work experience of 9 plus years both on and off the field in sales, marketing & service.
Ours is a One Person only company so far and I haven’t got the opportunity to meet someone who can devote his complete attention and dedication with the same zeal and enthusiasm towards the organization as I do.


Product/Service Summary

We are into the design & development of Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays for Mobile Phones. We seek your support in "Establishing an Indian Brand of International Standards"

How are we different?

Unlike our peers and Samsung’s existing Gear VR, Our VR Headset can be used with any smart phone within the screen size of 4.5” to 5.7” which covers almost 95% of the Smart Phones available right now. Our product also has a superior field of view of 110 Degrees which gives a better viewing angle and better clarity. Our VR Headset can also be used with the spectacles on which can’t be done with our peers.

Product/Service Descriptions