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Startup Safari connects global entrepreneurial talent to growing startup ecosystems across the world

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Team Summary

1) Apoorv - Worked across India, South Africa, Portugal, Taiwan & Greece on entrepreneurial curriculum and experiential programs (Mentored 30+ Startups across 5 countries) 2) Vasili - Created a startup accelerator program for PwC South Africa | Established a health tech accelerator program | Founding member of Startup Boat in Greece


Product/Service Summary

Startup Safari is a travel immersion program that connects global young entrepreneurs to diverse startup eco-systems around the world. Key Value Points are: Access to International Mentors, Platform to pitch to investors, Building global products, Growing your startup through an experiential curriculum and Living a diverse startup culture.

How are we different?

We are first in the market (as per our knowledge) to bring the global entrepreneurs to the Indian eco-system through a scheduled program | We are now building programs in Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley in order to take Indian entrepreneurs to those markets |Our focus is not only connecting entrepreneurs to eco-systems but also an integrated curriculum

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