Stilezzi - The Stile Mafia

  • Lucknow, India
  • HealthcareHealth & Wellness, Beauty, Fashion, style, Mobile

Fashion can be brought, Style one most possess #Stilezzi

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Team Summary

Being a B2C startup, the team comes with a strong experience of building scalable mobile app. Asad handles the technology and operations for Stilezzi, and Surya handles the Sales & Marketing for Stilezzi. Backed by veterans in the Style industry as mentors.


Product/Service Summary

Stilezzi is a Style / Spa & Gym specific consumer centric mobile only app which seamlessly bridges the gap between consumers and styles / spas / gyms, looking to raise funds, ranging between 150K to 200K USD

How are we different?

Stilezzi has competition from the following startups in the same space: Styl, TooYoo , Stylofie , the major difference being, our core approach of winning the market, which is Tier 2 cities and Tier 3 cities to start with.

Product/Service Descriptions