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Get instant fashion advice from your friends, followers and fashion experts around the world!

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Dot Me Or Not Me | INC 42

Dot Me Or Not Me: The Girl Who Was Not Sure Of Her Fashion Choices Is Now Helping Thousands Make The Right Choice

Dec 08, 2016


Fashion advice app StyleDotMe gives instant fashion advice at Street Shopping areas too! | Scoopwhoop

“Through the StyleDotMe app, shoppers at Janpath will be able to take pictures of themselves in the StyleDotMe trial room while trying out items and post on the app to get instant advice in real time from our influential and engaged community"

May 16, 2016


Meghna Saraogi shows how learning every step of the way counts | HerStory

Jun 05, 2015


Team Summary

Meghna Saraogi is the founder, she handles the product, ideating for new features and operations.
Akhil Tolani, started coding at 12 and sold his 1st app at 100k$ at the age of 15 who is now 18 years old, handles the iOS development of the app. Avinash Ruchandani, an IIT and IIM-A graduate handles Strategy, Marketing and Operations. Lalit Vijay, ex Co-founder Zeppery, handles Backend.


Product/Service Summary

Styledotme is a fashion app that helps you get instant fashion advice from fashion experts and your friends when you really need it. When you're confused about what to wear or the right outfit to buy, the app allows you to instantly poll your friends and followers and get them to help you by voting for your options.

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