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Answer 5 non technical questions, in 2 mins to discover devices that fit your requirements ideally

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Team Summary

Nishil Prasad, CEO & Co-founder. Spent 5 years mastering Web & ecommerce technologies, a growth hacker, blogger, SEO and SMM expert. Guy that came up with the original idea of our product.

Len Vaz, Co-Founder. Chief back-end algorithm and database designer, PHP Enthusiast being transformed into a developer, Electrical engineer by training, musician by temperament.

Mehul Shah, Investor/Adviser. 15 years of global management, strategy and technology experience. Engineer with Consulting background, MBA Duke and MS-telecom


    • Mehul Shah

    • Investor, Advisor, Board of Directors

Product/Service Summary

We think customers need not be technology experts to make complex gadget buying decisions. Our Patent pending technology leverages details about consumer's device usage to offer customized suggestions. Responding to 5 non technical questions will narrow down the choices for Mobile/Laptop/Tablets to models that fit consumer requirements ideally.

How are we different?

World’s first shopping engine. Helping consumers select product that fit their requirements accurately, at best price. Addressing an unexplored area of assisted/convenient product selection. Today ecommerce platforms rely on dumb "filters”, force customers to answer painfully technical questions resulting in sub-optimal suggestions

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