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Amazon helps us reach out to a far and wide network of consumers across India

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We have a B2B distrubtion netwroka dn online presence set via cloud tail, Amazon


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Saif Shamsuddin


Managing Partner - Super Tyre Tec, bangalore Since 2003. Managing Partner - Super Source Tech LLP, bangalore

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About Michelin Lifestyle

In addition to its tyre business and world-famous maps and guides, Michelin now offers a range of Lifestyle Products under license via Michelin Lifestyle Limited, which is a subsidiary of the Michelin Group charged with the management of its brand extension program using the licensing model. Michelin Lifestyle was established in the year 2000 to increase the recognition of MICHELIN brand and to develop closer relationship with consumers. Michelin Lifestyle operation represents more than 75 licensing partnerships worldwide; sales in over 85 countries and through more than 30,000 outlets, including the leading automotive accessory chains.

Michelin Lifestyle presents a complete lifestyle range that compliments every facet of one’s personality. A large range of lifestyle products are designed to help people on the move and in their everyday life. Today the range comprises of five broad product categories which includes Car Auto accessories, Cycle Accessories, M

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