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Sweet P Social simplifies creative collaborations. Brands and creatives can connect & collaborate.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Pierre-Antoine | Founder & Director | Co-Owner @ Eye Symmetry
Doone Roisin | Co-Owner & Head of Marketing | Content Creator @ Snapchat, Digital Marketing @ IMG, Social Media Manager @ THE ICONIC
Giri Prashaad | Head of IT | Technical Lead


Founding Team

Pierre-Antoine de Preux


Product/Service Summary

Sweet P Social is a platform where brands and content creators can connect and collaborate together. The platform is focused around producing quality content as well as giving the opportunity to content creators to be proactive and pitch brands they would like to align with.

Our goal is to create a community and not become just another database that brands can tap into. Our product is a freelancer platform for influential people on social media, where users can display their work by linking their social media channels.

In addition to allowing brands to search, connect and collaborate with content creators (and vice versa), we offer a range of content management solutions like a content planner that helps to plan and schedule media content on social media.

Sweet P Social is made for Influencers, Photographers, Filmmakers, Models, Digital Designers, Artists and more.

Product/Service Descriptions