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  • Mumbai, India
  • Enterprise SoftwareCloud, Telephony, CRM

Best CRM with integrated cloud telephony for your business. Connecting Business. Synapse on Cloud

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Team Summary

An experienced team with experience of developing a successful IPBX with software integration and EPABX integration. Along with another experienced team having implemented hosted CRM for more than 100 clients.

These solution has been selling in market for last 3 years.

Lead by an experienced Management team.


Product/Service Summary

A cloud solution which offers cloud telephony with CRM.
Telephony offerings include hosted PBX, CTI, voice broadcast, conferencing, SMS, voice email.
CRM offerings include an industry standard CRM for Sales / Support and team management.

An Integrated Mobile App to manage everything from a mobile device.

How are we different?

Integrated CRM, mobile app to manage everything on the go.

developed on a proven solution of Enjay Synapse, which has been selling for more than 3 years.

Further existing partner network across India can help in getting sales, faster than a startup.

Product/Service Descriptions