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An Uber for diagnostic labs. A smartphone app to help you book and schedule a sample pick up from near by Labs.

Proof of Concept

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We founded sync health in Feb 2016



New Product Release

We are going to launch our product in June 2016.



Team Summary

Founders -
Saurabh Vij: Former nuclear scientist and currently project scientist at IIT Delhi for the same project.


Product/Service Summary

We are Sync Health. An Uber for Diagnostic Labs. Using our smartphone app, a user can book a sample pick up for a medical test from a lab near by.

We are an aggregator of Diagnostic Labs coupled with report delivery on the app itself and data analytics with an AI engine to help user recover from a disease.

Our vision is to become a personal assistant for your health.

Currently we have tied up with 5 major diagnostic labs for pan India services and our working on adding more data analytics and AI features.

How are we different?

Our platform is a perfect example of trend stacking which is the basis of most successful businesses these days
It has following trends
1. Aggregation
2. Fitness/ Self monitoring
3. Healthcare
4. On-Demand economy

Most of our competitor are doing a transactional business by just providing an offer on booking tests.

We are different because we want to help users recover from their disease by becoming their health assistant and offering them all sorts of reminders related to their health like medicinal and tests reminders on a regular basis.
We are also building a database for food so that users can self monitor their sugar and calorie count every time they eat something.
As an example imagine if you would know about the different kinds of fats and proteins before eating anything and an app which gathers this data for you everyday and alerts you and your family members if you overeat beyond a threshold.
That's what we are doing which differentiates us from others.

Product/Service Descriptions