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This project accounts for problem of deaths caused due to improper notification during emergency cases like sudden strokes, accidents, etc.

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Idea is first generated in December 2016




The necessary application required for the operation is built



Market Research and Validation

Several surveys have been conducted and registered the significance of T-Med


Hardware Research

The micro controller interfacing design with the shirt is initiated.



Team Summary

Our team is diversified with students having a vast interest in entrepreneurship, technology and managerial scopes. We have competed in various competitions that bring the best out of a team regarding innovative ideas and has proved to be outstanding under pressure. We have sincere and dedicated personnels who loves to work with Technology and the Business side of it, and apply both it's technical knowledge and business minded nature to innovate and implement our business ideas. We also have great presenters with eloquent speech deliveries. Currently, our team members have won various accolades and prizes for several Business Plan and Analytic competitions.


Founding Team

Anirudh Lanka


Mentors & Advisors

Sharvari T

Sharvari T

Uttam Reddy

Uttam Reddy


Team Members

Rajeev Anirudh

Rajeev Anirudh


Product/Service Summary

The process starts when considering a case where a person is met with an accident or is backed due to sudden stroke and the victim is wearing a T-Shirt that is equipped with Google's Project Jacquard. On such case, our project plays its action. We create an application for the shirt that measures several health attributes such as pulse rate, heart rate, body temperature, etc. After the accident, there will be significant changes in these parameters. (These values are NOT according to the ones caused by acute stress disorder or posttruamatic disorders). These parameters, along with premedical history data in his smartphone will be sent to the NEAREST hospital with the communication medium being IoT, and the location determination is taken care by the GPS module present in the phone. Hence, the hospital could take certain vital steps along with redirecting an ambulance to the accident spot. By implementing this method, the toll of deaths due to accidents will be reduced drastically.

Product/Service Descriptions