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  • Ludhiana, India
  • IT Services, Penetration Testing, SaaS

HACK it yourself, before you get HACKED! Know your weaknesses before hackers can use them.

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Team Summary

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Trishneet Arora (born 2 November 1993) Trishneet Arora has been awarded with the "State Award" from Hon'ble Chief Minister of Punjab,
S.Parkash Singh Badal. At a young age, he has trained CBI, IPS and Police Officers.
Trishneet Arora is also an IT advisor to Punjab Police, Academy. He has written
two books


Product/Service Summary

TAC Security is a leading provider of penetration testing. TAC combines high quality testing with flexibility and scalability, enabling organizations to effectively reduce risk across their application portfolio. TAC has around famous companies as client. TAC is headquarters in Ludhiana, India.

How are we different?

• Asia’s first company who has tested SAP HANA.
• We are India’s only company who has trained CBI for Cyber Crime.
• We trained World’s Largest Refinery- RELIANCE (RIL)
• TAC, Founder awarded with State Award by Chief Minister of Punjab.
• TAC, Founder addressed conference with Mr.Yashwant Sinha, Former Finance Minister of India on Cyber Security.

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