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A truly global platform where in you can create a Reality Show right inside the phone of the user irrespective of his geographical location.

Early Revenues

Startup Video



Founded and started operations with 3 Engineers and 2 Founders.




Angel Funding First Trench


New Team Member

Added 2 new members in Marketing and Sales


New Product Release

Launched on web, Android and iOS



First 1000 users in 5 weeks of launch!


New Team Member

Added QA



6000 users in 5 months!



Sales Executive Sales & Marketing
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Pune, India
Sales, Presentation Skills, Digital Media

Job Description
Looking for a Sales executive with 1 year exp working in IT product company. Digital Media product preferred. Person should be highly motivated, dynamic and should adapt creative ways to meet Sales targets.

Team Summary

Anup: 12+ years of experience in building E-Commerce products across start up’s and multi nationals.
Strong technical & leadership expertise awarded playing a key role in transforming Cisco’s 60 billion $ E-commerce platform.
Vast exposure to Customer Onboarding, Product Management, Recruitment, Customer Support.
Belief - I have always put emotional quotient in leadership and for last 12+ years it has worked wonders for me. Strong technical skills have enabled me to lead technically as well. Engineering has put it in my DNA
that before starting any project I think about every permutation combination we can hit & I have always
installed these habit in my team.

Pooja :A Company Secretary by profession, she is an expert in Finance, legal and operations.

Apart from Founders, there are 3 Engineers, 1 Sales, 1 QA, 1 Digital Marketing resource.


Founding Team

Anup Dhiran

Founder, CEO

Current - Founder, CEO @TalentChariot.com Software Engineer @ Cisco, Engineering Manager @ Resilinc Corporation, Technical Lead @ Zensar Technologies


Cisco (2015 - present)
Software Engineer

Resilinc Corporation (2014 - 2015)
Engineering Manager

Zensar Technologies (2005 - 2014)
Technical Lead


Amravati University
B.E. • 2000 - 2004

Product/Service Summary

Mix 3 facts : 1) Reality shows are a multi billion $ market. 2) TV trp's are falling across the globe, 3) Mobile users growth and impact of videos are on everyone's tip of the tongue.

So a truly global platform where in you can create a Reality show right inside the phone of the user irrespective of his geographical location and enabling him to participate, upload his video, pay the fees, do public voting, judge and jury voting was the need of the hour. With our cutting edge technology we have successfully created this "Zero Touch Model".

In 5 months of our operations, we have slowly but successfully created a new market of Digital Reality shows. We also provide Digital Audition services to various businesses looking to save on cost and time for conducting auditions.

Artists have started using our platform to build their fan base and increase their reach. Users are finding it a niche entertainment platform. Event organizers are approaching to hire.

Product/Service Descriptions