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It will help over 300Mn Job seekers and 10k companies to get connected and managing hiring process.


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Team Summary

Ramandeep is IIT Bombay alumnus and has done 3 startups till date. In all three startups, he played the role of a product manager cum Growth Hacker. His favourite venture is when he started Finance Club at IIT Bombay which operates as an independent sponsored club in the Institute. His latest full time startup was in B2B enterprise space. Since then he as been working as Product Manager in enterprise software company. He has certification in Front end development, product management, data analysis and Machine Learning. He has himself gone through this hectic problem that he is trying to solve. Apart from this, he likes to read and has done internship under Nobel Laureate in Bangladesh and France.


Founding Team

Ramandeep Singh Saini


Product/Service Summary

Talentee is a web and mobile enabled platform to help companies to find best talent, manage the talent acquisition process on one side and help job seekers to find best verified and up-to-date jobs on another side. The startup has verified the product concept and we are looking to raise $50k to build the solid product

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