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A chat platform where people can see new arrivals, offers and query shops about their requirement.

Beta Launched

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New Product Release

Beta tested demand from customers by getting form filled up



New Product Release

Released Beta Website


New Product Release

Tested query-response based chat between shops and customers


New Product Release

2K purely organic users


New Product Release

10K purely organic users


New Product Release

Started getting revenue by connecting shops with customers




Team Summary

Pranay is IITM 2009 grad and IIMA 2013 post-grad. Prior to startup he worked as marketing head in Boston Scientific and as PM in Microsoft. He handles maketing and design at TapDiscover.

Ankit is IITD 2014 grad. He was working as a software developer in CITI before starting up. He also founded spotr.in in 2015 which was about Image Processing and Deep Learning. He currently handles tech and operations at TapDiscover.


    • Ankit Nayan

    • Founder

Product/Service Summary

TapDiscover is the bridge between customers and offline shops. It's a chat based query system to enquire shops regarding price, color, size and designs. Users will get realtime notifications about offers and new arrivals in shops. For customization, customers can see reviews and book an appointment with boutiques. Tapdiscover moreover inspires people by getting best designs from pinterest and instagram to get designed from best boutiques. Shops on the other hand can reply to queries, add/showcase collections from our android app and thus we get access to their latest inventory.

How are we different?

Fashalot - They are prominently marketing platform for offline retails and giving loyalty points. TapDiscover focuses on customers and connecting with shops over chat.
Meesho - Primarily a platform to sell easily on WhatsApp and FB. They faciliate online shopping. Tapdiscover is rather a bridge between offline shops and online customers.
Fynd - They do hyperlocal delivery and POS integrations. Tapdiscover places itself as a platform to connect and enquire over chat. No delivery or POS integration.

TapDiscover thus focused on Ethnic wears which people search before buying and also being a platform, most of our revenue will be profit.

Product/Service Descriptions