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Tartl was ideated and founded today.




On boarding of the initial customers of Tartl.




Team Summary

The core team consists of 5 members:

1) Vignesh Ramaswamy (Founder): having explored the content industry for more than 5 years, he felt that the overall content industry is like a black market and hence came up with the concept of Tartl to create a community.
2) Kishore Ramanujam : Having a strong background in both UI & UX, he brings with him the expertise of working across various sectors and his impeccable designs.
3) Shravan Kumar: Being in the start up scene for sometime, he excels at marketing and business strategy.
4) Srikkant Srinivasan: A software enthusiast with an eye to explore the latest technologies. Currently expanding his horizons by delving head first into the world of AI and Natural Language processing at Tartl.
5) Aadav: Ideation is his core strength. In addition, he has a knack with numbers and adapting to the new techniques. He has also expanded into event marketing, business intelligence and procurement analysis.


Founding Team

Founder @ Brand Konnect, CEO & Founder @ Penumbramag, Founder @ Let's Light Way for the Youth, Brand Strategist-Trainee @ SCION BRAND INCUBATION


Brand Konnect (2015 - present)

Penumbramag (2012 - present)
CEO & Founder

Let's Light Way for the Youth (2013 - present)


Sastra University
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) • 2010 - 2014

Arya Central School
12th Std • 1997 - 2010

Alliance de france

Product/Service Summary

Over the past decade, Humans have written more words, taken more pictures, drawn more sketches, and composed more music, in short created more content than the entire documented history of mankind leading up to that point. There’s an abundance of content creators, an abundance of content seekers, but a creator’s content doesn’t reach the seeker nor does the seekers need reach a creator. We, at Tartl aim to solve this problem, to enable creators and seekers meet by building a bridge between talent and opportunity.

At Tartl, we want to provide creators the means to organise, catalog and showcase the content they create, in one place. With our community-driven approach for evaluating content creators, seekers can come on-board and discover creators tailor made for their requirements.

Product/Service Descriptions