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  • Mumbai, India
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Indian food sold in an assembly line format like McDonalds & eCom of location based specialties.

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Team Summary

Founder Vikas Kumar specializes in applying data to business decisions. In 15 years of experience with companies like Reliance Capital & Alchemy Capital & being the founder CIO of an Indian hedge
fund, he has also spent 1 year turning around a loss-making restaurant. His equity research paper has received a copyright in the U.S.


Product/Service Summary

We are trying to sell select, popular and tasty Indian household food items in a McDonald's like assembly-line format. Along-with a prototype restaurant store, We have also set up a prototype of an e-commerce portal for discovery and sales of specialty food products which are famous from different locations of India. Using data as the key Driver.

How are we different?

1. Nobody else is doing it 2 . We use data for all decisions 3. we might end up helping the data discovery of great but unknown food products 4. We see food business as factory, assembly-line and utility rather than fine-dine luxury. 5. the huge scalable market of freshly cooked indian dishes sold in a standardized manner is untapped.

Product/Service Descriptions