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TechnoHub brings Experienced students close to eager newbies by means of question answer & guidance.

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Team Summary

Saumitra Mahajan, I am a mechanical engineer from BITS. I don't have any prior experience in startups but I am passionate about world of entrepreneurship. I want to make engineering much fun and awesome experience.


Founding Team

Current - Founder at TechnoHub Education - On going Mechanical engineering at BITS pilani Hyderabad Campus.


Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani
2014 - 2018

Product/Service Summary

TechnoHub has an aim of bringing experienced students close to newbies who are eager to learn. This way learning experience can be fun and really helpful. We are focusing on increasing participation in technical competitions and projects so that graduating engineers have a more of hands on knowledge and experience. Problem students face in participating in competitions is that they don't have proper guidance or support system. We at TechnoHub will take care of their every need be it spare parts, answering questions or developing skills. We will be developing a Quora like environment so that students may get swift and accurate answer to their questions and problem. Also we plan to provide training and guidance for new teams and skill enhancement programs for already existing teams. we will also be selling all parts required. Informative articles will also be published on TechnoHub. Initial target is in Automotive sector with big competitions like SAE BAJA, Supra, Go- kart etc.

Product/Service Descriptions