Techruit Technologies

  • Chennai, India
  • Human Resources, Services, Social Impact, Analytics, Mobile

Making it easy for freshers to get first job and companies to hire fresh talent and change lives.

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Team Summary

A J Balasubramanian - Founder, From College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai with multiple startup experience and worked in IT services company in Senior position. Currently managing technologu dev and strategy. PR Madhan also from CEG, with over 20 years of prof experience in Marketing and Business Development in MNCs with domain knowledge.


Product/Service Summary

A digital cloud mobile platform for facilitating first job for fresh talent. We target fresh talent, aggregate profiles, assess, train and place them in right jobs. We connect with recruiters to help them acquire fresh talent by reducing cost of aggregation, assessment and recruitment

How are we different?

We focus on the middle tier of employable graduates who need real support. Most others in this space focus on top talent hiring which does not really require support. The middle tier talent need support to get suitable employment and right now the cost of transaction, search and matchmaking is costly & inefficient, tech witll remove the friction.

Product/Service Descriptions