The Awkward Fruit

  • Mumbai, India
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A unique comedy venture with venue aggregation, content creation and corporate engagement in a sunrise sector of India - English humour

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The joke is on you | Mid Day

Jul 12, 2015


Team Summary

Akshata Agarwal, Co-Founder - Ex I-banker with Citi, JPM, MS
Kamal Trilok Singh - Stand-up Comedian, Studied music from Point blank and creative writing from Oxford, London
Rohan Mukherjee - Lawyer turned stand-up comedian to purse his passion for humour wrting and creative ideation
Ruzbeh - Handles PR for The Awkward Fruit


    • Rohan Mukherjee

    • Creative and Content

Product/Service Summary

First firm to curate comedy in clubs and is now doing unique concept based tours. Out of the box digital content creator, conceptualising English comedy shows for one of the top TV channels. Launched a unique humour based corporate offering for de-stressing and employee engagement. As India's first comedy curation and content firm.

How are we different?

Venue:- First ones to do shows in clubs/bars. Create stage for upcoming talent and benefit venues and sustain them
Content - Out of the box quality content. Potential to be the next AIB/TVF
Corporate - 'The Roast'for a corporate environment developed and offered by us
Unique one-stop shop for comedy differentiated by innovation & quality

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