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A mobile app that connects football enthusiasts of a local neighbourhood with each other for a casual game of football

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Mobile App was officially launched on Android and iOS



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Team Summary

Rachit Aggarwal, Co-founder - Architect of the algorithm used in the app and also takes care of the entire development and any other business affairs. He is a graduate in Mathematics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University and is also a Level 3 candidate of the CFA® program
Parth Aggarwal, Co-founder - An avid Chelsea fan and likes to play regularly. He is the brains behind designing the app logic and also responsible for marketing and promotion. Parth has done his Mechanical engineering from University of Nottingham
Deepankar Raizada, CTO - Technical mind of the app and is responsible for the entire tech-development. He has over 15 years experience is software architecture, software development and project management across multiple technologies in both web and mobile applications
Sunil Chhetri - Advisor and Brand Ambassador of the app. He is Capt. @ Indian Football, Capt. @ Bengaluru FC, Ace forward @ Mumbai City FC (Ranbir Kapoor) and Arjun Awardee 2011


    • Parth Aggarwal

    • Co-Founder

    • Deepankar Raizada

    • CTO

    • Sunil Chhetri

    • Advisor

Product/Service Summary

GamePlan – A mobile app that connects football enthusiasts with each other for a casual game of football. The app invites users whenever a game is happening in their area, you accept, join that game and get instantly connected. Simple. We even let users rate each other after every game, share their performance on FB and also maintain their playing history to make things even exciting.

How are we different?

We ask our users when/where they want to play.After this, we use our algo and find other players matching his preferences, connect them together and get back with a complete match with all the details, instantly.Unlike our competition where you create/join a event and then wait endlessly for other to join one-by-one for it to happen or else expire.

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