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Hi I am a gaming enthusiast and I am currently working towards the solution to numerous Problems currently faced by the indian gamers.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Our team comprises of two founding members Divesh chadha and Tushar goel.We currently are in search of the team members who can also help us in our
Vision to serve the gamers and also those who have the same vision as ours..


Product/Service Summary

theGAMEstore is a dedicated online and offline ecosystem which will solve all the problems currenlt being faced by the Indian gamers such as not having a dedicated one stop shop regarding games store both online and offline,pre-owned services and also the rental subscription,and of not having midnight launch events and midnight delivery of games.

How are we different?

Rentals on a customer friendly Subscription service with a
user friendly scheme.All sorts of editions of video games
and also the consoles will be available.We'll be giving our
gamers to experience the midnight launches of new
titles and their midnight delivery.RIGHT ON THE MARK.A 24
hr delivery service anywhere.and official merchandises as.

Product/Service Descriptions