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We are an Employability Solutions company where we create an ecosystem between campuses n corporate

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Team Summary

Debtanu Mukherjee:A result oriented professional with 15 years of qualitative experience in Business Development, encompassing Strategic planning,statutory compliance and Team Management.
KUMAR RAHUL: With a seasoned experience of over 14 years in instituting new business initiatives in the Education, Training, and BFSI.


Product/Service Summary

We are an early stage company in the area of employability solutions with aim of connecting CAMPUSES TO CORPORATES, which has both ONLINE & OFFLINE model of operations.. We have realized a big gap the way freshers are recruited in India and have also identified the process by which it could be addressed, especially in B and C tier cities.

How are we different?

We use both online & offline mode of operations.
We create demand from the corporate and then train the candidate and make him job ready for that particular profile.Our personalised training helps students from B or C Tier towns where they are not that internet savvy.
We will be the first company to prepare candidates with mock interviews online

Product/Service Descriptions