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Discover the outdoors through tips, photos and travel plans shared by like minded travelers.

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New Product Release

First website launched to a closed group



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Featured in Lonely Planet - the world's top tour guide publisher


New Product Release

New website version launched with added networking and engagement features




Team Summary

Close friends, avid travel enthusiasts and traveling together since the last 10 years, we have set out to solve the problems we ourselves have faced while traveling. We are graduates from the top management schools in the country and have a mix of experience across Technology, Finance, Operations & Customer Development.


    • Shikhar Sachan

    • CTO

Product/Service Summary

The product lets users post tips, photos or travel plans. This user generated content is mapped to individual destinations and a particular interest group, thereby building a repository of useful and credible information for each destination. Driven by data behind traveler interests, the product delivers an extremely personalized experience. A 'tip' serves as advice, a 'photo' helps in visual discovery and a 'travel plan' helps in finding like minded travel partners. We also recommend the best services (tours and accommodation options), all of which are personalized based on user interests and preferences.

How are we different?

1. Travel being sporadic in nature, a fundamental problem is the ability of a product to get users to visit the platform on a regular basis. After all, people only travel very sparingly, so what reason do they have to visit a platform on a regular basis? This lack of engagement subsequently affects conversion. We are achieving this engagement through a community which brings together user generated content in the form of tips, photos and travel plans shared by like minded travelers.

2. The entire travel landscape has offerings in various sub segments, however these are generic in nature, lacking the depth and engagement required to target specific interest groups. We make this possible by leveraging data to personalize user experience and through a thorough understanding of each interest group.

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