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The School Street help parents and students to gather information about educational services

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Team Summary

1) Ankit Gupta : MBA, 5 Years experience in Investment Banking. Worked with startups in the field of strategic planning and fundraising. 2) Milind Jain : 3rd year undergraduate, Department of Computer science and Engineering, IIT - Delhi. Has experience in Android App Development, made android apps for two start-ups in the past.Developed web portal for Mechanical Department of IIT-Delhi.
The team brings the combined strength of Business Management and IT skill set


    • Milind Jain

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

We are a online platform to find information regarding schools, playschools, creche’s and other activities that are important for the growth of a child.

How are we different?

We would be coming up with a membership program for students. The membership will help them to get discounts on services of extracurricular activities provider (swimming classes, dance classes etc). On the other hand it will volume to suppliers of these activities. The School Street will earn membership fees on giving enrollment to each student

Product/Service Descriptions