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  • Delhi, India
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We provide completely managed interim sales forces to companies and short term employment opportunities to people.

Early Revenues

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Bayside Journal | Bayside Journal

Bayside Journal - a youth oriented digital publication found inspiration in The Testament's story.

To give shape to The Testament's story, Tarveen Kaur interviewed Nishant Mittal enthusiastically.

Apr 25, 2016


Navodaya Times | Navodaya Times

Navodaya Times published about The Testament in their "Special Story" Column.

The column chronicled The Testament's tale from the beginning and put a lot of very important messages across.

Feb 22, 2016


The Indian Economist | The Indian Economist

The Indian Economist, colloquially referred to as TIE is a leading digital magazine on business and economics.

It was really nice for The Testament to talk to TIE about its mission and vision, along with fundamental distinctions in identity.

Feb 08, 2016


The Testament got featured in YourStory | YourStory

The Testament was featured by YourStory as a very interesting and unique bootstrapped startup from Delhi (India) which is creating waves with its distinct philosophies and working methodologies.

Feb 01, 2016


Nishant Mittal (Founder, The Testament) was invited to the annual national commerce fest of prestigious LSR College to share his thoughts on 'Emerging start-up Culture of India'. The session was well received by the audience and fellow panelists.

Oct 15, 2015


Team Summary

We have a dedicated team which believes in the core values of The Testament.

Overall Team Responsibilities:

1. Develop measurable goals and action plans, with challenging but realistic deadlines, for each of the major strategies outlined in the strategic plan.
2. Conduct analysis and research, as needed, to build a better understanding of the key challenges and to evaluate potential solutions.
3. Collaborate with community stakeholders to build commitment to, and generate involvement in, implementation of the major strategies.
4. Work with the other County strategic planning teams to coordinate activities and/or resources, and avoid duplication of efforts.
5. Carry out the actions and produce the outcomes outlined in the action plans.

Team Expectations and Competencies:

1. Attend and participate in team meetings (approximately two meetings per month)
2. Be flexible about working on team tasks
3. Consider the cost and benefit implications of action plans and team activities


Product/Service Summary

We recruit, deploy and manage interim sales forces for companies looking forward to target

We serve companies which require target driven, swift and efficient action without the burden of raising headcount. These companies work with us to avoid intermittent hiring and firing in pursuit of growth while keeping the budgetary constraints intact.

Product/Service Descriptions