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TinkerSale is Craigslist meeting Pinterest. It transforms communities with common locations/themes into trusted marketplaces

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Team Summary

Swadhin : IIT Guwahati Computer Science; 13 Years experience in CDoT, Headstrong, EFI and Microsoft. Swadhin cofounded an RFID start-up in 2006 called N-Net. Swadhin brings strong experience in enterprise server based applications

Jyotirmoy : IIM Lucknow, NIT Surat; 13 years experience with Deloitte, Wipro, GE, MIRC Electronics. Skillset includes Business Development, Strategy and M&A, Investment Banking focussed on Technology companies; Worked extensively with technology start-ups in their fund-raise initiatives

We have three other potential member of the core team with strong experience in products +analytics, campaign management and business development in B2C and technology businesses including a few start-ups , who are ready to join us.
1) IIT + London School of Economics ; Business Development experience in global tech firms in enterprise server and networking space
2) ISI + IIM ; Experience in product management in India's leading job portal and a leading jewellery portal
3) MDI + London Business School; Strategy, Consulting, Corporate Finance Experience in CA Technologies, Deloitte , NASSCOM

While the co-founders know each other for > 25 years, the rest of the team have been friends for more than past 11 years.


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Product/Service Summary

TinkerSale is a mobile platform that will transform online and offline communities into trusted marketplaces. TinkerSale is a OLX/Quikr meeting Pinterest. . It is a mobile application that would help users to build communities based on location and interest where the members can buy, sell and share information on products and services with people

How are we different?

TinkerSale transforms communities bound by a common locality/theme into trusted marketplaces
Most people, including home-based sellers,find buying & selling among known people more desirable than transacting with strangers.But B2C/ P2P platforms are not social & social ones are not transactional enough. TinkerSale changes this by combining the two

Product/Service Descriptions