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Tinystep connects 50k+ expecting and new moms on a platform where they can ask, connect and share!

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Team Summary

Given the primary focus on technology and product, the 25 member team comprises mostly of engineers from top tier colleges viz. Stanford, IIT. Some have taken successful exits and some have extensive startup experience in the valley.


Product/Service Summary

Tinystep is a social platform for parents. It enables parents to seamlessly connect with each other through features like posts, chat and Q&A. It aims to truly build a connection among parents who are going through the same phase in life.

How are we different?

We want to build a connection between parents and give them awesome interaction tools. While other platforms are focusing on pushing services, getting reviews, having brand partnerships and selling products, we are more worried about reducing the payload and server calls to give a better community driven experience to parents.

Product/Service Descriptions