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Karthik is an operations person. Previously he was heading operations and product delivery for Limetray in Delhi. Prior to TMinus, he built a startup called Ridingo which was acquired by CarzOnRent in the year 2015 and was an early employee at Uber Australia. Karthik holds a Management degree from The University of Sydney.
Deepak is engineer turned cinematographer. He is the founder Myriad Hues a photography startup. Over the past 4 years, Myriad Hues grew from a 2 member to 6 member team. He last shot for Steven Wilson from the Band Porcupine Tree. Prior to Myriad Hues Deepak was a consultant with JDA Software.


Founding Team



Deepak G Singh


Product/Service Summary

TMinus helps you discover - “What’s Up?”. Be it pub hopping over the weekend, or binging on the new season of Daredevil all by yourself or with friends, everything has, and is better with, a countdown. Most of your social circle is built around common interests such as the movies you watch, the music you listen to or the sport you follow. TMinus brings to your smartphone a countdown to all you can look forward to doing.

As an example. Whilst catching up with my friends a few days ago, one of them brought up a show called Stranger Things and couldn’t stop raving about how extraordinarily good it is. – That was the first I’d ever heard of the show..
If we’d all been on TMinus, my friends would have created a countdown and subscribed to it. Because I trust their taste in TV Shows, I would’ve instantaneously been intrigued and joined the countdown. have missed out on Stranger Things. In addition, I could share my favorite shows like an interesting comedy called ‘Bojack Horseman’ w

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